Can't get into Hotmaill



I have XP SP2, Outlook Express 6, (But I do not use outlook expressI to
access hotmail-right from the web page) have not been able to access
hotmail the last two days- yesterday my id and password were wrong, and
today, I only get a blank page when i click on hotmail) If this is wrong
place for question, please direct me to right place, I already emailed MSN
from the MSN home page tech support, but since I can't access their hot
mail, I do not know - it is one thing I have never understood is why I can
get e-mail on web pages and /or on Outlook Express. I tried to put my hot
mail account on outlook express but I do not have all of the technical info.
Thanks in advance for any response.




I have XP SP2, Outlook Express 6, ...

There is no "express" in the name of this newsgroup. This newsgroup
deals with issue for Outlook. Outlook and Outlook Express are
unrelated programs. Post in a newsgroup for Outlook EXPRESS.




Use Hotmail Self Help tools to find out if the servers were down or to solve
your problem. Be sure to allow Popups and bypass any firewall in your
browser. You cannot use Outlook Express for Hotmail so don't bother with that

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