Can't connect my 3rd laptop to Linksys WRT300N wireless router



Laptop1:Acer C300, Integrated wireless card, XP, Great connection with WRT300N
Laptop 2:Sony, Integrated Wireless card, XP, Great connection with WRT300N
Laptop3: Acer C110, Integrated Wireless card, XP, Recognized wireless
network but doesn't let me connect to WRT300N network.
There is no problem with the Wireless card because I can connect on most of
my unsecured neighborhood networks or where ever I go but not my own!
I think it might be a window configuration wireless connection set up
specific to the WRT300N. Because the WRT300N is a new product, the "higher
level" Lynksys tech support couldn't help me, she had no idea about how the
window wireless configuration should be set up in order to work with the
WRT300N and the doesn't support the product!!!
When I "ipconfig" The Wireless network connections media state is :Media
disconnected It says "disconnected" but the laptop detect and list the
network !?!
And when I connect to my neighbor’s unsecured network and “ipconfig†I get
DNS suffix, IP address, subnet mask and default gateway!!

When I choose to connect to my wireless network connection a window open
with the message:
The network "Home" requires a network key (also called a WEP key or WPA key)
a network key prevent unknown intruders....
Type the key and then click connect
Network key: "sweethome"
Confirm Network key: "sweethome"
When I click connect, I get a window message: "Wireless configuration: The
network password needs to be 40bits or 104bits depending on your network
configuration. This can be entered as 5 or 13 ascii characters or 10 or 26
hexadecimal characters"
It doesn’t recognize the password previously enter during the WRT300N setup
and configuration. PLEASE HELP!! You are my last chance before I bring back
everything (router and modem) to the store to get refunded. Thank you.

Brian A.

For ASCII use upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters such
as: yzV>Y\g4Yz1ZJ

For hexidecimal use lower case and numbers such as: 797a563e595c6734597a315a4a

Brian A.

Can't you type one in going by my examples?
For ASCII you have to use Upper case, Lower case and Numbers together in the
For Hex you have to use Lower case and Numbers together in the key.

You could copy the one provided in this response if you wanted. You could
also search the web for WEP or WPA key generators.

Here's one of the many:


Brian A. Sesko { MS MVP_Shell/User }
Conflicts start where information lacks.

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