"Limited or No Connectivity" Linksys Wireless router.


Don I

I have a Linksys router and an AT&T PCMCIA card. I've had this equipment
working FINE for nearly 3 years (maybe more) using WEP encryption.

That is until last night. Last night it started telling me that it had
"Limited or No Connectivity" whenever I try to connect to my network. The
card works fine because it connects to my neighbor's network and I have to
disconnect it so that I can try and connect to MY network. It tells me this
in WinXP Home (SP2) connection mgr.

The router is providing IP addresses because a different PC on the network
(connected to the router via Cat5 ethernet) gets an IP address from the
router and is able to access the internet.

I figured there was something wrong with the WEP encryption. So I disabled
WEP on both the router and the PC card. Guess what--my network is no longer
listed as an available Wireless Connection (in Windows XP's connection

I enabled WPA-TKIP on both the router and PC card. Now I'm back to "Limited
or No Connectivity". I've confirmed that the pass key I'm using is correct.

I passed frustrated a long time ago.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?


Don I

Thanks for the reply. My responses to each item are below.

<<However, if your computer is not configured as a PPPoE client computer and
the computer obtains an APIPA address, that is a situation where limited
connectivity exists. Therefore, Windows XP should indicate that the local
connection has limited connectivity. For example, this might occur if a
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server is not available on your
The router's DHCP is working--it provides an IP address to a PC connected
via Ethernet. (this is actually the PC I'm using to post this).

You may also receive this message when one or more of the following
conditions are true:

<<Your DHCP server is down on a hardwired network. On a home network,
this server could be your Internet service provider's server your personal
router, or your DHCP provider.>>
Same as above.
<<Your DHCP server is down on a wireless network. On a home network,
this server could be your ISP's server, your personal router, or your DHCP
The same router that uses DHCP to provide the IP address for this PC
is the WIRELESS router that I'm having trouble getting my laptop to connect

<<On a wireless network, this message may appear when you use an
incorrect Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) key or if you do not have a WEP
I've checked the key FOUR TIMES. I even DISABLED WEP on both the
router and the laptop.

<<You may not have an IP address, or your TCP/IP settings may be
Don't know how to fix/or test this.


1)powerdown computers,router, cable modem(if)
2)powerup modem,router, press router Reset, reboot computer

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