limited or no connectivity



I have an Origo adsl modem router and 5 separate computers connected to this
via 5 separate linksys wireless-b USB network adapters (2.4GHz). 4 of the
computers have perfect internet connection but one doesn’t. It is saying
limited or no connectivity; but it can be connected to the internet via the
Ethernet. Obviously, I want the computer to be connected via the wireless
connection and cannot understand why 4 work and the other doesn’t. The
computer has found the wireless connection but the error warning continues to
occur, and when I repair it it says that it is unable to renew the IP
address. The computer is Hi Grade, using windows xp home edtn, 2002, service
pack 2 included. I have also recently installed the windows xp KB884020 fix….
Ani ideas? Would be very grateful of some help!


Try this:

This is a Winsock corruption problem

Go to --> start
Go to --> run
Type --> CMD
Type --> netsh winsock reset

Note - This command only works under SP2

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