Windows is not currently managing your wireless network



We have two computers in the house, one connected by wire to the router, and
one via wireless. Of course they were set up by our kids.... Today I had
to unplug all the wires and plug them back in again. Since that time the
wireless computer hasn't been able to connect. In START/Connected
to/Wireless connections we see the connection we expected.

Status - Connected
Network - Hunt's Corner
Signal Strength - 5 bars

When I go to the providers speedtest website we have excellent speed.

That all looks good,

But if I click the "View Wireless Networks" button, in the pane where
the connections are supposed to show I see

"Windows cannot confiugre this wireless connection."

If we I try to connect to IE, I get a window i've never seen before
displaying "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage."

If I click "Diagnose connection problems" it says "Network diagnostics for
Windows XP. Windows is not currently managing your wireless network."

What do I do about this? All I did was unplug and reconnect the wires.







Thanks for saving my sanity!

Last night I had somehow found the "Wireless zero" spot, after googling this
and that. But after re-booting, etc., etc., I could no longer find the 3
tabs!!! Today, following your instructions, I discovered that START was
gone again. I started it, and LO! The three tabs were back!!! Stuff like
that can make a person nuts.

I'm posting a new message in the WindowsXP.hardware forum. If your
expertise extends to the routers themselves, could you take a look?

Thanks again!

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