Can't change monitor driver



I have installed Vista Beta 2 x64 on my HP desktop and a Gefore 7900GT is
sending the graphics to a CRT monitor. However, the picture keeps flashing
like the monitor goes blank for a 100-500ms at a time at random intervals
every 1-30 seconds. Most annoying, so I thought I'd try changing the monitor
from "default monitor" to the correct one. But...I'can't! The Properties
button in Advanced Display Settings->Monitor is grayed out and the monitor
does not appear in the Device Manager.

Any advice on how I change monitor driver?
(Or even better, how to get rid of the monitor flashing off all the time.)


Andre Da Costa [Extended64]

If its greyed it might be as a result of UAC, try disabling, and try fixing
the monitor display again. To disable UAC, Click Start > All Programs >
Accessories > Run > type in MSCONFIG > OK > Tools (tab) > scroll down >
select "Disable UAC" > Launch > close command prompt, restart your system
for the changes to take effect.
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Thank you for the suggestion. I have now disabled UAP (User Account
Protection) which I hope is what you suggested, but I still cannot click
Properties for the monitor as it is grayed out. I can click Properties for
the Adapter just fine.

One other thing is the Troubleshoot tab which says "Your currect display
driver does not allow changes to be made to hardware acceleration settings"
(I am using Latest Nvidia 88.61 drivers).

Why there is no "Monitors" entry in the Device Manager also seems strange to

Any more suggestions I can try?




If I in device manager click "scan for hardware changes" I can for 30 seconds
see a monitor in the list and change the driver.

However, it didn't help with the flickering. Now I have connected a
different CRT monitor which also flickers. This monitor did not flicker when
connected to a different box running Vista (Matrox graphics adapter). So I'm
thinking it is the Nvidia drivers for my 7900GT card. Shazbot!



Check to see if there is a compatibility file Tab at the top of the folder
that you stored the driver. Select it and you should find the driver. The
system may have put it in a virtual store.

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