Can't access win2k network with win98 machine


David Coomves

Working in a primary school using win98 on a network
(TCP/IP), recent changes have introduced a win2000 system
for office/admin work. This has a small network of two
machines to which a new win98 machine is to be added. The
win98 machine is successfully installed on the school-wide
network, able to access all machines including the other
win98 office machine, but access is denied on the win2k
machine which is essential.

The setup is basically
Win2000 Machine 'Host' on workgroup "WORKGROUP" serving
information off D: drive

Win98 machine 'Office' on workgroup "WORKGROUP" accesses
Host without problem

New Win98 machine 'Reception' on workgroup "WORKGROUP" can
access Office but not Host.

I didn't set up the original win98-win2k network so don't
know how to go about it. I think I need to set permissions
for the new Reception machine but can't figure out how to.
Right-clicking the target drive "Host D:" and selecting
the 'Shared' tab gives a button for Permissions but this
returns an error something like "Permission set as
Administrator: Cannot be changed". The account logged into
on the win2k Host machine has Administrator permissions

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Yes, you need to login to the reception computer with a username/password
that has been setup on the Win2k computer and given permissions to the share
(d:). In other words, do this:
1. on the Win2k box, right-click My Computer and click on Manage.
2. Open up Local users & groups.
3. click on the Users folder and make sure there is an account (ie:
"receptionist") and that you have the password for it (or create a new
password). Put that user in the appropriate group.
4. While still in the Computer Management tool, click on Shared Folders,
5. Right-click the D drive and click Properties, then click the permissions
button. Add the group (or user) you want to give permissions to.
Important! If there is a $ after the D, then you are looking at the
default administrative share that is hidden. It is better to actually
create a share for the D: drive (or whatever folder you are sharing)yourself
rather than use the administrative share.
6. Last but not least, make sure you login to the Win98 box with that user
account and password.

Good luck!

Robert L [MS-MVP]

quoted from
NetBIOS and WINS are required in a mixed network
NetBIOS and WINS name resolution is required only on mixed-mode (Windows 95,
98, Me, NT, 2000 and XP) networks to provide backward-compatibility older
versions of Windows. If you have a domain mixed-mode network with DHCP and
DNS, you are better to cerate WINS in your system. In workgroup mixed-mode
network, most people enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP to resolve NetBIOS name to
equivalent to IP addresses. Alternatively, you can install NetBEUI protocol
in the clients.

For more and other information, go to

Don't send e-mail or reply to me except you need consulting services.
Posting on MS newsgroup will benefit all readers and you may get more help.

Robert Lin, MS-MVP, MCSE & CNE
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D Mans \(nz\)

You may need to install DSclient.exe on the win9x PCs.
This is the retrofit connection to Directory Services (AD).
Located on the WIN 2000 server CDROM.


Thanks for the feedback. I've followed serverguy's advice to add the win98 machine as a user in the appropriate goup on the win2k machine which makes sense. The NetBIOS option is set in the win98 TCP/IP settings by default and cannot be changed
When I try to logon to 'Server' from the win98 'Reception' machine I'm asked for a password for IPS$ which isn't the Server account password. If I try again I'm told flatly I don't have permission. The list of shares is..

Ad_Share C:\Ad_Share 2 client
ADMIN$ C:\WINNT 0 client
C$ C:\ 0 client
D$ D:\ 0 client
IPC$ 2 client
print$ C:\WINNT\System32\spool\drivers 0 client
SIMS D:\ 1 clien

I've identified I only need to make Ad_share available to the Reception computer, but it's permissions are already set to

As a side issue, I don't know if this is related, but the Reception machine cannot access the internet through the Proxy server, where an identical machine connects fine when not going through the office sub-network. As the office network goes through the hub/switch thing connected to the office win2k machine, could that be preventing acces to the win98 machine? I wouldn't have thought so but networking is my weak point

Thanks loads for the advice so far



Does the currently logged in user for "Reception" have a
matching (username and password) on the host Windows 2000

One of the disadvantages of the "workgroup" enviroment
each user must have a matching user account on each
machine that he/she wants to access. If you enforce any
password change regiem it has to be done on all systems.
Also if you do have password expiry enabled on the 2000
system you will not be warned when it is due to run out.

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