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Dave Williamson

We have an Outlook 2007 client who was able to view my shared calendar until
a couple of days ago. Since then the client prompts for a User Name and
Password that always fails (double checked correctness by logging into It fails three times then returns the message

Cannot verify or add the calendar to Outlook. Make sure the following link
is a valid calendar link:
webcals://<the url to my ICS would be here>

OK button

Does anyone know how to fix this?



Dave Williamson

I tried to share my calendar with another coworker and neither is able to add
my calendar to their Outlook with the same details as my previous post.

So I deleted the 2 email addresses showing in my "Publish to Internet" ->
"Change Sharing Permissions". Then I did a "Publish to Internet" -> "Share
published calendar" and sent the email to both coworkers.

Same result. They can't click on the email "subscribe" and successfully add
it to their calendars.

Both coworkers have valid Live ID accounts for the email address i sent them.

Any ideas?


I am having the same issue. One of our users suddenly started getting prompts
to sign in for all of our shared calendars, and they wouldn't go away. We
deleted her calendar and reinstalled it, her calendar is now published and
visible through the Office Online site.

But, now when she tries to share her calendar with the rest of the team, we
are not able to subscribe to it. We all get the "Cannot verify or add the
calendar to Outlook. Make sure the following link is a valid calendar
link:...." error message.

Michael Reed

I and two other users are having this exact same problem so we deleted
everything to start over even creating new iCal publishing accounts. We can
publish but we can't subscribe to another's published calendar due to the
"Cannot verify or add the Internet Calendar in Outlook. Verify the link is a
valid calendar link:" error.


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