Problem subscribing to Internet Calendar with Outlook 2007



I'm having a problem subscribing in OUtllok 2007 to an internet calendar that
my wife created. I was sent the email invitation but when I paste the
webcal://... address into the browser, Outlook responds with a dialog asking
if I want to add the internet calendar to outlook and subscribe to updates.
I click the Yes button and outlook comes back with the error

Cannot verify or add the calendar to Outlook. Make sure the following link
is a valid calendar link: webcal://......

with the calendar information in .....

The email that was sent to me has an http link that I can click on and I am
able to view the internet calendar via the browser successfully so I assume I
have a valid webcal link. Any ideas as to why this calendar won't add to

I have also tried entering the webcal link via the Tools | Account Settings
| Internet Calendars tab and get the same error.

My outlook is connected to my exchange server at work and I don't have a
premium hotmail subscription, just a regular hotmail email account that I
don't care to view within outlook.

I was able to do this successfully once before but my wife accidentally
ended up publishing a new calendar and removing the old one and now I can't
get connected to the new one.


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