cannot startup my sys with msg"File setupdd.sys could not be loaded"



I cleaned my computer this moring,then i cannot startup
my Windows XP system.

I wanted to repair it and insert sys cd,when it was
loading files,it stopped and the error message is:
"File setupdd.sys could not be loaded
The error code is 4,press anykey to ezit"

I tried several times,but it still exited....

Now i can neither enter my pre-installed sys nor repair
or install.....

How can i solute it??

Ken Simmons [MSFT]

Hi Jeff,

Ensure that RAM sticks are seated in the sockets correctly. If new RAM was
added and is not being recognized by the machine it may cause this error.

You can reset BIOS to optimal then FAILSAFE (Phoenix BIOS)
Reset BIOS defaults and check "boot order" settings to ensure that you are
booting to the hard drive.


Ken Simmons

Microsoft Technical Support for Platforms and Business Applications

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