On installing XP setupdd.sys fails to load



Hi babies

I know you all are used to the Microsoft's way to greet
their new users but I still need to be introduced to it.

When I try to install Windows XP I receive the following
Error message

The file setupdd.sys could not be loaded. The error code
is 7

And that's all folks. I m sure you all have been
experienced this kind of welcome. Just need a hint of how
to get to the next Windows glitch

Any help will be appreciated


bad RAM Patti?

Geez this 128Mb DIMM stick have been working fine with
Windows 2000 Advanced Server...What makes Windows XP so
special that it may find it defective?

Thanks anyway I will check that end too...

Patti MacLeod

Bad RAM is only one possibility, not the one and only possibility, that is
why I said "oftentimes attributable to" and not "solely attributable to".


Emanuel Tsuela

I had the same problem!!!

It could be that you have a bad RAM chip...

Let me know if that was the case... Good luck

Emanuel Tsuel

Stephen Wright

Before you decide the RAM is bad try removing and reinserting it. It might
be making poor contact. Also have you overclocked your system? Overclock too
much and you will get these kind of errors. If you have not already done so,
set the BIOS to test the RAM on boot up. That is, disable the "quick power
on self test" if I remember right - depends on your BIOS.

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