Cannot set default printer in Windows 2000



I am running Windows 2000 on a local computer on a network with a Windows
2000 Server using a local domain. I have setup profiles for each user so
that I can control their desktops. I have given each user full access
rights to their profile directory. They login as a domain user. I have set
up a 4050 laser printer using the built in print server and assigned a
permanent IP address to the printer (It is not in active directory). I have
added users in the past and they worked and still work fine. I delete users
as they leave the company. Now when I add new users, I setup a their
particular profile. I then grant them full permissions. The problem I have
is that iit does not allow me to set the default printer. Even when I add a
new printer, it will not set it as a default, therefore the user cannot
print from an application that print using the default printer (since a
default printer cannot be set). Has anyone else had this problem. Any help
would be appreciated.

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