Cannot renew/repair Ip address



Whenever I try to play media through Internet explorer, the video wont load
up so I try to back out of the page and IE will hang, then become
unresponsive, so I "control, alt, delete" and end the task. After that I'll
try to get back into the net but I get the "page cannot be displayed"
message. I then go into "network connection" and see my IP address is "my" IP
address, not the 169 one. I try to repair the connection and I get the
"cannot repair/renew Ip address, contact your ISP or network administrator"
message. When I disable and enable my network connect the IP address reverts
to the 169 address and still will not renew. I thought it might be my modem
so I reset it, thats no good either. The only way I can get my IP address
back is by restarting my computer. Btw, it doesn't hang on all media (videos)
I try to access, only a select few, and there is no way of telling which one
it'll hang on.
I'm running WinXP sp2
Mcafee Internet Security (current ver)
Firewall is on (but problem persist when its off)
Windows Media Player ver 10
All sercurity updates are "up-to-date"
I've also contected my ISP and they dont know whats wrong
And so theres no confusion, this has been happening before i installed sp2.
I've tried that "winsockfix" program and nothing.
Any assistance would be appreciated since Microsoft has no customer support
and there "Knowledge Base" just gives you the run-a-round.
Anyways please help.



Mary Sauer

Have you tried empting your cache? In IE, tools, Internet Options, delete files.


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