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Sometimes specific folder icons disappea

Hello all,
I have WinXP+SP3 and IE7.

Previously, while using IE6, I was able to see all the details of the files
in folder
"Temporary Internet Files", including file size, a.s.o.

Now, with IE7, when browsing this folder with Windows Explorer, using the
Detailed View, the column titles on the header bar of the right pane appear
empty (without the usual titles Name, Size, Last Accessed Date, a.s.o. ), but
only showing the sorting arrow.

Choosing VIEW--> CHOOSE DETAILS from the menu only shows a list of check
boxes, but also without titles.

Some very important information is missing at all from the display,
like the FILE SIZE column.

Also, Right Clicking on a file does not work.

Trying to view the Temporary Files from inside the Browser using Internet
Options -->Browsing History -> Settings -> View Files also shows incomplete

Browsing any other folder in Windows Explorer works ok, showing complete
information when using the Details view.

Any help or explanation would be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Iudith Mentzel

P.S. For some reason, I find only an IE6 discussion group, not a general IE
so I post this question there.

Alan Edwards

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