Cannot change HTML file from default IE icon



Hi there!

Sometime between my installation and unistallation of Iconpackager and
my (mostly) successful attempts to change my icons manually, the icon
associated with HTML files switched from my Firefox icon back to the
default IE icon. I've tried changing it back via Tools|Folder
Options|Filetypes, but the icon I select in the "Change Icon" menu
won't show up after I click OK. I've tried deleting and remaking both
HTML and HTM filetypes but that only gets rid of the IE icons until I
associate a browser with them. Then the dreaded Internet Exploder comes
right back! I've also tried deleting both the mhtmlfile and htmlfile
keys in the registry and restarting my computer, but none of seems to
work. I'd ideally like to associate the filetype with my own icon, but
even the firefox icon would be preferable to this. Do you have any

Thank you very much!

Larry Gardner

You could uninstall and then re-install FireFox, or check to see if there is
an option in FireFox to set it as the default browser.

Also, check what is set for the following key:


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