cannot capture video from my



Since I upgraded to MM2 I cannot capture video from my
miniDv camera. It controlls the camera without any
problems it allows me to start the capture but I notice
when it starts the captured file size stays at 3 kb and
doesnt go up in size. If I switch the camera from play to
record I can see the preview window in MM2 and can even
capture video. It seems to only do it when I am going off
tape. I tried to use media encoder 9 and it does the same
Here are my specs AMD 2500+ 1 gig RAM Win XP sp2 ATI All
in wonder connected to camera through firewire. I have also
tried other mini DV tapes and all do the same thing. Any
help would be appreciated


I have the same problem, but the difference is nothing
comes up on my preview window. And it also stopped at 5
kb while the tape is rolling.

I have P4 3 Ghz HT, DDR 2700 512 Mb, Onboard Firewire
using Asus P4P800Deluxe, and a Sony Handycam PC105e.

Note : This problem occurs when upgrading to XP 2 in my

Thank you and any help will be greatly appreciated


I also have the same problem. ( no fix but narrowed down)
Can control the camera from app but no capture and no display at all just
runs through the frames with o frames captured. samaung scd60 minidv. also
happens in premiere 6, premiere pro, pinnacle studio 9, windows movie maker,
am capture, win dv and orangeware webcam dv, so far. It used to work fine a
week ago I think it has to do with the firewire driver windows did update,
but i have updated a lot of software since I tried to capture last, norton,
windows firewall,spywarerblaster,spybot search and destroy,premiere pro,which
makes it a little hard to track what killed the throughput.
Plug it in to xp pro, finds digital video device interupter, wants to run
"pinnacle studio useing <need provider>" (not iee 1394 or whatever)
is exactly what it says. this need provider is the problem it dosent know
how to do something but I havent been able to find what the cure is.
anybody got a fix for this?

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