Cannot backup pst file


Dave McK-Arabia

I am using OUTLOOK 2007. When i try copying my outlook pst file to a
removable storage drive, it comes up with following error message. First
somes up with "Confirm Stream Loss" message which I accept and then I get
error message "Error copying file or folder" . "Cannot copy Outlook: There is
not enough free disk space. Delete one or more files then try again". It
offers the option to "Disk Cleanup". I have tried the disk cleanup and no
difference. I have checked the available free space on the backup drive and
there is 362 gig. My pst file in "My Computer" shows file size of 5.1 Gig so
space should not be a problem. Interesting that when I open Outlook, and in
the folder section right click properties and do a "Folder Size" check it it
only shows folder size as 1.3 Gig in size yet in "My COmputer" it shows 5.1
gig? Can anyone offer any suggestions of how to back up my pst files. FYI, I
have been successful in doing this for years and no idea what has now changed?


Do you have Roxio software installed, and is any Roxio software shown as
running in the Task Bar, eg Media Manager Services? - if so close it and try
Presumably you are copying within IE


I have this same exact problem and I have 223 GB available on an external drive that I have used to backup Outlook to before but I am getting the not enough disk space message as well. I was able to do a backup of My Documents to the external drive without a problem. I did have Roxio software in my system tray and I exited it but it didn't help. Did you ever get a resolution?

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