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Frank Smith BAE Systems

This is probably asking too much but does anyone know if the Outlook Personal
Folders Backup Tool, or if any other tools, copies only the changed messages
from the local PST file to a network location? With PST files in the 1 Gig
size copying the entire file to the server at the end of the day is not very
efficient if the user only added a single message or two.

The ideal solution would be if Offline Folders did block or Bit level
synchronization and supported PST files.

Thanx Frank


When you open OL & its pst, the file is seen as changed, even if nothing is
done. All the data is contained within the single file.
Whether there is any alternative method I dont know.



You can try BackupMyFolder! (Freeware) or PSTStation that will allow
you to backup PST file event if Outlook is opened.
The copy of messages isn't a file copy (as the Microsoft Backup plug-
in) but is real Message copy. With this implementation, only new
messages (of modified messages) are copied.

The next version of our product will allow differential backup in a
separate PST file. This file will be able to be pick up by backup
tools on a share.

If you have specific request don't hesitate to visit our site and send
a request.


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