Can´t delete email account Windows Mail



I want to delete an old email account. When I do so by clicking on "Extra"
and on "Accounts", I can remove that particularly account. But when I close
the application en start it up again, the deleted account is back, alive and

Does anybody know's how I perminently delete my old account?


What do you mean by "Extra"?
In Windows Mail, you access your accounts under Tools - Accounts


Thanks for the answers. My version of Windows Mail is in the Dutch language.
And there is no "Tools" in the menu, it is called "Extra". Now that is
clarified, I will follow your instructions. I will post the results soon.

Gary VanderMolen [MVP]

What a strange translation, 'Tools' becomes 'Extra'?
That's not even close to a translation.


Gary, you´re right. But the Dutch word for "tools" is "Gereedschap" and may
be the translator found that wordt to long (By the way: you have a very Dutch
family name!)

Anyway: I found the solution! First I uninstalled my anti-virus software,
then restarted the computer, than deleted the account, than restarted te
computer. But the account still popped up...

So I searched the internet and I learned that Windows Mail uses a directory
C:\Users\....\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail

And in a subdir called "Local Folders" I found a number of files with the
extension: *.oeaccount. One of those files handled about the account I was
trying to get rid of. So I renamed this file by typing OLD_ in front of the
name. And this seems to do the trick!

I deleted the account in Windows Mail. I restarted the computer and Windows
Mail didn´t have the old account anymore!

If in the near future the account pops up again, I will post is here.

For now I would like to thank the contributors of this discussion for taking
the time of helping me!

Gary VanderMolen [MVP]

Good to hear that the problem you were having seems to be fixed.

Incidentally, I was born and raised in Holland, but immigrated to the US
as a teenager.

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