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I imported the four Outlook Express accounts we had on our old P.C. t
Windows Live Mail. When I imported them, I was logged on to th
Administrator Vista Account. Now, only the adminstrator account ca
"see" the four mail accounts. One of the email accounts is shared b
everyone in my family. I'd like all of our Vista Accounts to be able t
see this account regardless of which Vista account is active. Is thi
In the meantime, I set up an "Everybody" Vista user account for us t
share. I exported our common email account using the Live Mail Accoun
Export. When I switch to the Everybody account and try to import thi
account, I get a vague error message. How can I export/import from/t
existing Vista Accounts? I also want to export/important the other mai
accounts to the appropriate Vista account.
Running: Windows Vista Home Premium
HP a6442p 64 bit
Pentium Dual CPU E2200 @2.20 GHz

Many thanks,

Gary VanderMolen

It is difficult under Vista to gain access to data that is owned
by another user. Also, a given Windows Mail message store
cannot be shared among different users. Each Windows user
gets a fresh copy of their own message store.

You can have a 'shared' mail account by instructing Windows
Mail to leave a copy of messages on the server. Go to Tools,
Accounts, select the account, Properties, Advanced, check the
box for "Leave a copy of messages on server". Do this for
all users of that mail account.

A POP account can never be fully shared (synced) because each
user can only see their own Sent messages. True syncing between
all users of a common mail account can only be done with IMAP or
HTTP accounts.

Earle Horton

Consider getting a (free) Hotmail/Live account and keeping all messages on
the server. You could access the folders and messages either on the Hotmail
web site or using the Windows Live Mail Hotmail client. This would be good
for the shared family email account. You didn't say which kind of email
service you use. What you want would be difficult with any pop3 server.



Gary, thanks for the input. Since I can't have the ideal solution, ca
you tell me how to move the "family" Windows Live Email account out o
the administrative Vista User Account and into another Vista Use
Account (that we'll all use)?

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