Can not get my pictures to my PC - Olympus Stylus 300 Digital Came



I am trying to get pictures from my Camera (Olympus Stylus 300 Digital
Camera) to my new PC. I have Camedia master 4.1 softwear that came with the

When I turn the camera on and plug it into the the USB port in my PC,
somehow I can not access the pictures. I called Olypus, they said it was an
issue with my computer. They said I may need to assign a new drive letter?
They said to contact Microsoft about this.

Any suggestions?




Jared, have you resolved this yet? Need to know the operating system of your
computer. Assuming it is XP and you have upgraded to SP2, I'd suggest you go
to the tool bar for internet Explorer and temporarily turn off your pop up
blocker at the tool bar for Internet Options when you plug in your USB
connection. Once the pop up window shows for the prompts to follow you can
see what to do when your system "sees" the USB connection. Let me know if
this is the issue. Usually can be it. Good Luck!

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