Olympus SP-310 & Camera & Scanner Wizard not working together



When I hook up my camera to the USB (of course, connected to the computer) -
the Camera Scanner Wizard does not automatically start.

Why? Anyone? I've tried setting the 'autoplay' dialogue box to recognize my
cameral and automatically start the wizard - but it doesn't recognize my
camera when it's connected.

I used this feature all of the time with my old Kodak digital camera.

Windows XP didn't recognize SP310 when connected by USB cable. I tried to
install camera as a new device, but XP didn't have the model available for
choice. When I installed the CD as requested by the computer, it said no
hardware info on the CD (neither CD that came with camera has the hardware
info on it - and when I asked the Olympus tech - he said because people can't
download their pics with they upload the camera as a new device).

I called Olympus tech support, and the tech had me right click on removable
drive g: properties and click on autoplay - chose the wizard and apply. I
rebooted my computer, still didnt work.

I know I can use with Olympus Master (program that came with camera) but its
not user friendly and will not let me name my pics as the wizard does.

Any suggestions folks?

(sorry for the repost - but I realized I could add more info than I
originally did about what I've already tried).



Does the camera appear as a removable drive with a subdirectory DCIM and a
subdirectory under it named 100OLYP with files?

I had a similar problem with an Oly C8080 until I loaded drivers from the
Oly developer package and a camera control program from Pine Tree Computing.
It seems that the Developer package installed something that corrected
errors in an inf file that either came with windows or with the Camedia
software. Oly cameras have two USB modes, one for camera control, and the
other for download. I normally only connect the camera when I need the PC or
Laptop to control it. Otherwise, I pop the camera memory card into a reader
on my printer, and download the picture files to the PC. It's much faster
than from the camera, and saves the camera battery charge.

Pine Tree Computing has a demo (limited as to picture resolution) that may
actually help in resolving your problem, since it uses drivers from the Oly
developer package.

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