Calendars in different time zones



It's been a few years since I worked outlook calendars...having issue with
boss in Central time and me in Eastern...and he travels. We both enter in
his calendar...I am place his local meetings in at his time zone. But when
he's traveling, let's say in eastern time, what time do I list his
flights..actual for where he'll be or based on his origination in Central
time? Help...causing some problems...thanks cj



Diane Poremsky

Which version of outlook?

The appointments you create should all be in ET.. but if you are creating
him an appointment for 9 am PT (or any other TZ), convert it to the
equivalent in ET. I would also make note in the appointment body (or subject
field) of the correct time and tz - ie, 9am PT.

Airlines use 'local time' so you should use the time in the tz he's flying
out of, converted to ET.

This is a lot easier in Outlook 2007 as they have a TZ field - you can set
it for 9 am PT without thinking too hard. :) Click the time zones button to
show the fields.

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