Calendar dates off one hour in outlook




Starting about the end of January 2008 users started saying that
appointments scheduled by companies outside our domain were showing an hour
later than they should be.


All servers and workstations (XP/W2K3/Exchange 2003) were updated back in
February 2007 for DST; no other DST patches have been installed since. The
updating included running the Exchange Timezone data update Tool.
Exchange 2003 was on sp1 level when we installed the DST patches in February
2007. It was upgraded to Exchange 2003 sp2 in October 2007. No further DST
updates were installed.
We only deal with companies in the same state as ours, California. It would
be rare to deal with others outside Calif. or even internationally. After
reading The DST 20007 Scenario guidelines we decided to wait to update.
Other Info:

I contacted the companies that sent these calender invites that would show
up an hour off and one said it was fully patched with the latest DST updates
and the other was at the same level as ours.
I tried to run the Outlook Timezone Data Update tool on one of the user's
calendars and it did not recognize those problem appointments as needing
I dont know if I need to just run the Exchange Timezone date update tool
again or is it a matter of completely updating with the latest DST patches?
ANY help or suggestions would be grealty appreciated.

Thank You!




Call Microsoft product support. I have a similar issue with our environment
being fully patched. I started with Outlook support. After they determined
my client was correctly patched they transferred me to Exchange support.
Exchange support told me they have several unresolved DST issues but no
definate fixes. They did not charge me for the call since it is an
unresolved issue.

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