Outlook Managled All future appointments after Daylight Savings Time


Linda Edmondson

Oh dear. I installed the DST patch. DST came around and my clock did not
adjust. So I changed it manually. Then I noticed the adjust clock for DST
box was unchecked in the Date and Time box. I checked it, and it promptly
moved my clock ahead another hour to the wrong time. So I manually adjusted
it again.

Now I noticed Outlook has changed every one of my future appointments ahead
by one hour. a 10:00 appointment now reads 11. Worse, every birthday and
holiday now straddles 2 days, from 1 am to 1 the following day. When I open
the recurrence box, it still shows from 12 to 12, for 1 day. So I can't get
this bad behavior to stop. The appointments next winter, out of DST, seem
to be OK.

It looks like this problem occured because I did not have the "Adjust to
DST" box checked when the appointments were made, but checked it later.
What can I do to fix these?

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