Burn CDs -- working on only some CD players



I have burned a couple of audio CDs with Windows Media Player 10. The CDs
play just fine on my computer and one of four CD players that I have in the
house. I have slowwed the burn rate down to 8x and 4X and it does not
improve things. I have confrimed that 'audio' CD is set.

Any ideas?

Configuration: Dell 4200 with Windows XP SP2, 1.7 GHz Pentium 4, 768 MB RAM,
HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8400B, Windows Media Player 10.00.003646

Dennis Marks

Audio CD-R's will not work on most older CD players. Data (MP3) CD-R's will
not work on most older and some newer CD players. CD-R's require a different
type of laser. MP3's require the logic to play them.

The CD player must be marked indicating the type of CD's they will play. If
not specifically marked indicating CD-R or MP3 then it will not play them.



Thanks. I am confused. I have been burning CD for over 5 years with CD-R's
and have not had this problem (playing on home CD players) until Windows
Media Player 10...Any suggestion on a specific blank CD type that will work
regardless of player?


The lens on the Recorder may out of alignment just a tad or dirty. Radio
Shack DOES or rather USE TO sell a CD Lens cleaner, it looked like a CD and
had some soft brushes on it. It seemed to have worked for me.
I do have a cheap CLARION CD Player in my car that will only play about
one in every 10 CDs I make. No other CD players has the problem of my car.
The Lens is usually an Arcylic lens and may easily slip out of place if there
is any jarring etc, cleaning would be the cheapest task to try and if you
have another CD burner in your computer, try it, they are cheap enough now.

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