BUG: "Mark Unread" icon must be clicked twice within an email



Don't have enough will to live to face calling Microsoft Support to log this
bug (and don't want to burn a support incident):

Using Office 2010 ProPlus RTM (from TechNet Plus), upgrade install over
Office 2007
Windows 7 Ultimate x32
Outlook 2010 with POP3 accounts and PST

When I open an unread email, the "Mark Unread" icon on the ribbon is
highlighted in yellow. If I choose to mark the item unread (I use it as a
basic 'to do' list), I must click the icon twice before the item is marked
unread. This is easy to see by putting the email in a small window so that
the list of emails is visible, then clicking the icon once and seeing nothing
happen, then clicking a second time and seeing the status change to unread.

Hopefully this will be picked up by Microsoft Support and logged as a bug.

Roady [MVP]

I cannot repro that one here. When I double click on a message to open it,
the status immediately changes from Unread to Read in the Message List. No
button is highlighted in the Ribbon.

When I then click the Mark Unread button in the Ribbon, the message status
immediately updates in the Message List as well and the Mark Unread button
becomes highlighted.

Can you repro the issue in Outlook Safe Mode?
Start-> type; outlook.exe /safe

Note: You do not burn any support incidents with reporting bugs, security
related issues, activation issues or general feedback.

Dominic Holton


Just wanted to confirm I have the same issue here, was hoping it would
have disappeared from the RTM version (also seemed to be present in the
Beta version).

I've found it most noticable when using the previous and next item
arrows in the title bar/quick access bar, i.e. open an e-mail then use
the next/previous arrows to move to another, this will be marked as read
in the list in the main Outlook window but the Mark Unread button in the
ribbon bar remains highlighted (suggesting it's still unread). To mark
the message as unread you need to click the button twice.


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