Broadcast faxing from Outlook



Has anyone done this before?

I have Office 2003 Professional Edition, and am trying to send out a
broadcast fax, to multiple fax recipients from Outlook. I have an internal
fax modem. I would like to merge information into my document, such as a
company name, the contact's name, fax number and so on.

I believe that to get started, I select 'Contacts' in Outlook, then choose
Tools/Mail Merge, but on the dialog box that comes up, at the bottom where it
says "Merge to:", there is no option for 'fax'.

Does anyone know how to do this?



Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

State your fax software.
It matters.
You merge to email, not to fax. There is no such option as merge to fax
anymore. Word does not understand merge to fax.

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