Is there a way to see the fax column from the address book within the fax wizard?

Jan 28, 2009
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This question/problem pertains to Outlook 2007 and sending a fax in XP Professional with service pack 2.

Outlook talks to a SBS 2003 and the exchange service pack is at 1 at the moment. I will be installing sp2 later today.

Here is the problem:

On the client computer.

I click on "Send a fax" and that pulls up the Send Fax Wizard.

Clicking next brings up the recipient window.

Push the Address Book button at the end of the "To:" field.

Neither the Global Address Book or my Contact list has a column for the contact's fax number.

Is there a way to enable the fax column to be visible and also be able to arrange the columns in a different order?


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