MS Fax Console - dialing rules won't work if contact selected from Address Book?



How do I get Fax Console to use dialing rules with number selected from the
Address Book.

I'm using Microsoft Fax Console version 5.1 on Home XP 2002 SP2

I want to use a phone card when faxing to long distance numbers.

In the fax wizard "recipient information", if I select a contact from the
Address Book and check the

"use dialing rules" the dialing rules don't work. It just dials the
destination fax number.

However, in the send fax wizard if I manually enter the fax number with the
"use dialing rules"

box checked and press the Add button, the dialing rules work fine.

I'm just trying to figure out how to get the dialing rules working by using
the address book to select the contact.

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