Broadband connection ideas?

Feb 26, 2003
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A work colleague of mine has just switched from a dial-up modem to Wanadoo broadband, now taken over by Orange. Installed the new modem with filters and installed software etc. he can get an immediate connection to Google and when he searches through this it responds very quickly...BUT...any other site he tries to connect to from google or by typing the URL in directly takes ages to load.

Anyone know what might be the main problem?



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Dec 31, 2004
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Probably he's miles from the exchange and by the time the feed reaches him he's almost got no signal and is getting the bare minimum broadband speed...

My mates with Tiscali and when I measured his line for speed because he complained to me about the same thing, his speed was, get this 17k a second, which when he was using a standard 56k modem his pages were loading faster than they were with his broadband connection...

He ended up going with TMobile broadband and using his Mobile phone as a modem and he had about a 4 meg connection when he done that..

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