Bluetooth Headphones problem with Vista



A while ago i've bought 2 wireless headphones (Teac HP-4BT) and i tried to
used them with a bluetooth usb adaptor. They work fine except one thing. The
sound from the left speaker is played in the right one and what should be
played in the right speaker is played in the left one. I used both
headphones, 2 different USB adaptors (MSI and Logilink), 2 different sound
cards (the onboard one and a Creative Labs sound card) so there is no
question about a hardware conflict....oh, and trust my i've put the
headphones the right way on my head :p (if i turn them around they fall of my
head). The thing is that both USB adaptors' drivers/software don't have any
option to reverse speakers and to neither does Vista. What can i do in this
situation to make them work properly?


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