No sound with headphones


Jack K

At present, the sound is working properly from my Vaio laptop's internal
speakers, but when I plug in the headphones to the headphone jack, I don't
get any sound. The driver is a "high definition audio device" version
6.0.6000.16386 dated 21/06/2006. Vista device manager informs me that "this
device is working properly". Nevertheless, I uninstalled this driver, then
turned the computer off and restarted it. The computer then reinstalled the
sound driver automatically without any problems. HOWEVER, this didn't fix
the problem.

So I went into the control panel, selected "hardware and sound", "manage
audio devices", and then set the headphones as the default (instead of
speakers). After doing this, my headphones and external sound system worked
perfectly, BUT when I took the headphones out of the jack, NO SOUND came
from the computer's internal speakers.

Can anyone advise me please, how to get both the computer's internal
speakers and the headphones working properly without the need to be
continually altering settings in the control panel.

Thanks for your help.


Jack K

Since posting the problem below, I have played a DVD through Win DVD and I
found that I can change from getting sound from the laptop's internal
speakers, to getting sound through a headphone while the video is still
playing, although the video does pause for a few seconds after you make the
change. I would recommend, however, that you close the program before
changing from internal speakers to headphones, and then restart the program.

After using the DVD program, I have found that the problem I described below
(which was when I was playing music from iTunes) seems to have resolved
itself. But with iTunes, you have to close the program before changing from
internal speakers to headphones. I don't now need to change settings through
the control panel before I switch from the computer's internal speakers to a


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