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Nick B

this may be of some help. I have a setup where I have my surround sound headphones plugged in via 1/8" jacks on the back and my theatre plugged in via spdif.

Most applications that use sound have sound options and allow you to select which sound device.
So what I do is leave my default in control panel to my headphones. Winamp and Media Player Classic to my speakers so no matter what my sound is set to my music and videos are playing on speakers.

This also keeps my msn sounds and other alerts on my headphones when I'm watching a movie, which is a pro and con in different ways.

and to add to the argument that this is a MS issue I had XP and by default XP would output to ALL outputs at the same time. When I was too lazy to turn off my stereo I had to disable my spdif jack to disable stereo output and stick with my headphones.

I also would like to know about a (better) solution for this.

Billy Buddusky

Nick said:
this may be of some help.


It might have been, except:

1) you didn't quote any of what you were replying to

2) you changed the subject line

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