Multiple playback devices



I have a ASUS P5B motherboard, the soundmax support independant speaker and
headphone devices (they are independant channels, not wired through)
The speakers are the default audio output device. The speakers play Windows
Media audio ok. In the mixer panel, the speaker and WMP devices are shown.
The headphones show up in the mixer panel if you select device / headphones
but there is no WMP application device in the mixer. When I go to the
control panel / sounds and do a test in the headphones, they ping ok. The
speakers too (proves that Vista support multiple outputs).

BIG QUESTION: How do I route WMP to both the headphones and the speakers
easily? I do not want to keep switching "default output device" in control
panel. There is a problem if you do change the default device to headphones
- WMP compains and stops if the headphones are unplugged - it does not switch
back to the speakers.

PLEASE read that this MB does support independant headphones and speakers.
There are plenty of Q&A's on the "headphones break the speaker connection"
This is not the case here.



Enslaver said:
I would like to know as well.

WHAT would you like to know as well?

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Thank you


Enslaver said:
I would like to know as well.

To whom are you talking?

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Setting up Outlook Express/Windows Mail to access Microsoft newsgroups

Accessing the MS newsgroups in Outlook Express/Windows Mail Newsreader

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