Bizarre sound problem




I had a problem when my laptop's sound decided to stop working recently, and
I uninstalled and reinstalled the sound drivers. Now my sound does work, but
now I have absolutely no control over the volume. As much as I like blasting
Motorhead's Ace Of Spades at full volume, there are occasions where I need to
lower it!!

The volume control shows, but it seems to show "Headphones" rather than
internal speakers or whatever it should show- in fact, I get the same problem
even with headphones connected.

My laptop is a HP Pavilion dv6101eu, with the sound called "Conexant High
Definition Audio" in the device manager, and I'm running Vista Home Premium.

Hope someone can help!


Solved it, restarting solved the problem. Should have done that in the first
place rather than go here! Duh!

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