blue screen of death



My computer will not boot up properly- The "windows" screen appears for a few
seconds then it goes right to the blue screen.

The following message appears:

A fatal error has occurred ........
Error was caused by Trojan-Spy.HTML.Smitfraud.c
*system cannot function in normal mode
*scan your PC with any available antivirus/spyware remover program to fix
the problem

So I've tried rebooting under every allowable option (and also with the
backup Devices and Driver CD & the backup Windows XP CD) and I still get the
blue screen.

I installed the Norton Internet Security 2005 software and it didn't help at
all either.

Any suggestions on how to get my PC running again






If you allready have a virus many AV apps will not install corectly as the
virus prevents them. This is why NAV has an article, within the literature,
about the procedure to be followed if you have a virus

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