Blue Screen of Death - openhci.sys



My computer keeps hanging with the blue screen saying the
problem is with openhci.sys and that it will begin a
physical memory dump.

It appears to occur when the cd\dvd is accessed, though it
does not occur immediately and sometimes does not occur at

However sometimes it also happens when the cd is not
accessed, eg when playing music or games.

I am using W2k on a laptop with a dvd drive, with a USB
hub connected which has a Soundblaster MP3+ and Mouse
attached to it. I have a nagging feeling it may have
something to do with the USB as openhci.sys is a driver
for my USB port.

I have tried reinstalling windows but the same problem
keeps occuring.

This is my last resort as i've had no luck finding
anything on the knowledge base. Any help is greatly




Thnaks for the advice.

However when i tried adjusting the virtual memory size the
moment i okayed the change i got the blue screen of death
again, however this time i don't thnk the error was with

Any ideas?


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