Blank Outlook Contact Entries - Invalid ENTRYID was passed in...




I have a user that has multiple blank entries in his contacts list. When I
attempt to delete them nothing happens. If I try to access their properties,
I receive the error:

"The properties dialog box could not be displayed. An invalid ENTRYID was
passed in."

The user has a Desktop running Outlook XP (2002) and a Motion Tablet
(laptop) running Outlook 2003. The entires show up on both. On the tablet the
Display Name shows '()'. The user also has a Blackberry that he has entered
contacts with. The Blackberry does not show any blank entries in its contacts
list. I've tried removing the Outlook Address Book service and re-adding it
on both machines, but that did not help. I exported contacts to a .pst and
scanned it, then re-imported it but that did not help.

I was thinking that the Blackberry may have synced these bogus entries into
Outlook, but I am not sure how to prove it... I haven't been able to find
much info in regard to this error on the internet.. Has anyone seen this or
can anyone suggest anything?

If you need more information or have questions... please ask!

Thank you in advance.



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