Beginning Dump Of Physical Memory



While working on my Win2K Pro m/c, Windows suddenly generated the
following error (the background color of the error message was dark

STOP : 0x0000007A (0xC02FFF0C, 0xC000000E, 0xBFFC3B28, 0x09D27860)


Address BFFC3B28 base at BFFBB000, DateStamp 41afddb6 - ftdisk.sys

Beginning dump of physical memory

& after sometime, the error added the following after completing the

Physical memory dump complete

What does this "dumping of physical memory" mean & what could have
caused the error?

While working on my m/c, the m/c hanged for about 2-3 seconds after
which the above error was displayed. I have been working on Win2K Pro
since it came out in the market but this is the first time I have
encountered this error.

Fortunately, Win2K didn't crash!

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