"beginning dump of physical memory"


Alina Olshenitsky

When i try to go on the internet, my screen turns blue
and a messege appears saying "beginning dump of physical
Is this a virus? What should i do?


Mark Wilson [MSFT]

Hello Alina,

In the future please include as much information you can, such as OS,
Service Pack level (type "winver" without the quotes in a "Run" window which
you can access via the Start menu), what browser are you using (i.e.,
Internet Explorer), what Service Pack level your browser is at (from the
Help menu you can find out SP level). The "bugcheck" code is very useful too
when getting a BSOD (blue screen of death). The code should appear on the
same screen the physical memory dump message displays.... looks like
0x000000D1 or 0x0000000A for example.


If you are able to open IE (if you are using IE) & click the Stop button
(the red X) try the following:

1 Select "Internet Options" from the Tools menu

2 Select the Advanced tab and click "Restore Defaults"
2a Uncheck the option "Enable third party browser extensions"

3 Select the General tab click Delete cookies and Delete files (make sure to
check the "Delete all offline content" box after choosing Delete Files)
3a Click the Settings button, click View Objects, and then delete all of the
objects in the folder.

Reboot the computer and check if the problem still occurs.


If this does not resolve your issue you can do a clean boot to see if you
can isolate the culprit. Windows 2000 does not come with the MSConfig
utility (I'm assuming you are on 2000 since you are in 2000 newsgroup :),
which is used to configure a clean boot, but you can copy it from an XP
machine and use it on within 2000 (MSConfig is located on an XP machine in

If you are on XP, choose Run from the Start menu & type in msconfig then
click OK.
If you are on 2000 just double-click msconfig where-ever you saved it.

Once in the utility:
Click on the "Services" tab & check "Hide all non-Microsoft services", then
uncheck the remaining services
(IF this is a server do NOT uncheck any services related to "Logical Disk
Click on the "Startup" tab & uncheck all startup items

Close the utility & reboot

If the problem goes away, something you deselected is the culprit. You can
"divide by halves" by checking half of what you unchecked in MSConfig before
the reboot (so it's a good idea to keep track) & seeing if your culprit is
in that half. If it is, uncheck half of those, etc... till you find your
culprit. If it wasn't in the first half try the other half.

Mark R. Wilson, MCSA/MCSE
Enterprise Platform Support
Server Setup

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

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