Be consistent with Unicode codepoints!



When I want to insert a character via its Unicode codepoint, I type the HEX
code, select it, and Alt+X toggle it back and forth to the character/glyph.
This seems to be the easiest method in general of dealing with Unicode one
character at a time - since I can get the Unicode for any character already
existing in a document I 'inherit' with that toggle. BUT when I want to use
the Search/Replace feature to look for a specific character by its Unicode
codepoint, that feature requires me to use the DECIMAL version of the
codepoint with a little identifier character in front of it.

I'm sure there are reasons for both of these conventions, but it makes the
interface simply infuriating to use - constantly having to convert back and
forth from decimal to hexadecimal. It would be MUCH easier to deal with
Unicode if:
a) I could universally depend on on using ONE numbering convention for
b) if the Search/Replace feature had a 'mode' or at least a simpler, more
clearly explained method for searching on codepoints, possibly allowing
multi-character string searches with less cumbersome syntax.

Also, when I (rarely) use the Insert Symbol tool to insert a character _in
the Symbol font_ - I cannot toggle those characters with Alt+X. Why not?
What's different about them? I know that Symbol font is not Unicode
compliant, but why make it harder to figure out what codepoint is behind the
character? And why do they show up as being in the same font as the
surrounding text that I was editing, rather than actually showing up as
Symbol font, which is what the Insert tool told me I was using? This makes
it difficult if not impossible (haven't figured out the trick yet) to use
Search/Replace to scrub out the non-Unicode compliant characters.

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