Unicode conversion in Coptic



Historically, Coptic fonts were simply English fonts that have Coptic looking
Characters. With Unicode 4, Coptic received its own Unicode character set.
There are many Unicode fonts that deal with Coptic. New Athena is one.

But how do I convert the thousands of pages of text that used the old
English mapping into Coptic unicode. I know it all depends on which old
"Coptic" font that used English mapping. But let's say I convert all my
documents into one old font, such as CS Coptic. Can I convert this CS Coptic
into New Athena without retypping.

Is there a technique native to Word that can do this? Is there a program or
addin that can do this? And if there isn't who can I contact to create one?
Any suggestions.


I recently noticed that the fight several years ago about how to add
Coptic to Unicode was resolved by using _both_ methods. They both
added the extra Coptic letters to some empty spots after the Greek
range, _and_ they put the whole Coptic alphabet etc. into its own
Coptic range.

If all your Coptic documents have already been converted to the same
font, it should be childsplay to write a program to simply run a 1-
to-1 Find/Replace-type substitution 50-odd times, character by
character -- indeed if you have a ten-year-old handy, you could ask
him or her to do it to keep them busy on a rainy morning.

Or, of course, you could just run Find/Replace 50-odd times -- fewer,
if you turn on "Match Case" and you know that the majuscules and
minuscules were properly coded in the CS Coptic font.

(There have been previous queries in this newsgroup about running Find/
Replace on all the documents in a folder, so I assume you can do your
entire library at once.)

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