Symbol "font" doesn't act like other fonts



I submitted a question about this yesterday, but it doesn't show up anywhere
in the forum that I can find, so I'm resubmitting.

When I use Insert Symbol, and select specifically the Symbol font, to insert
a special character (I'm using Word 2007), the character is placed into the
text in my document, but it is still shown as "Times New Roman" or whatever
other font I was editingin around the insertion point.

Why does this happen?

This is important because I'm trying to find a way to scrub out all such
inserted Symbol-font characters in existing documents, because the Symbol
font is not Unicode compliant.

Is there a way to (esp. via a macro or some other automatic process) to
identify these characters?

To contrast, when I simply select an existing character in a different font,
and change it to Symbol font, is is faithfully shown (in the Font field up
top on the Home ribbon's Font section) as Symbol font. With these
characters, I can go through the Search dialog, specifying to find characters
of Symbol font, and those characters are found. Likewise, using a macro with
the following specification:

With Selection.Find.Font
.Name = "Symbol"
End With

.... the macro correctly finds those characters. But for any character
allegedly in Symbol font that was inserted from the Insert Symbol > Symbol
font dialog - it just doesn't work.

Why are those characters treated so differently from Symbol font in the
other case?


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