blank spaces instead of symbols in Word 2003



Hi there,
When I go to Insert --> Symbol to add special characters in Word 2003, often
I add only a blank space. If I view the nonprinting characters though, it's
not spaces that are inserted but nothingness. The Font box in the Symbol
dialog says Symbol, by the way. Also, I have a document file with
mathematical symbols in it that others on my team can see just fine, but
those symbols are blank on my screen too.

I can add characters from the dialog if I select another font. And I seem to
be able to insert the characters from the Special Characters tab of the
Symbol dialog without issue.

It seems like, based on what I've read in forums, that my Symbol.ttf font
may be corrupted somehow (though how is a mystery). But I can't figure out
where/how to reinstall the font.

Does anyone have a suggestion or know where to look for the fonts?


Stefan Blom

The Symbol font is included with Windows, so you should be able to reinstall
it from the Windows CDs.

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