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My business partner and I share the business contact manager database, which
is located on his laptop - the downside being that if he takes his laptop out
of the office I am unable to access the database. Is there a way to move the
production database to a shared networked disk drive so that we can share it
from that location?



Mukesh Agarwal [MSFT]

You will need to install BCM on server. Once you have that you can backup
database from laptop and restore on server.
If you are using BCM 2007, you can create a database on server machine
without having to install Office and BCM. Please see our team blog for more
information. Currently it is done through a steps written in whitepaper
(link on our blog). We are releasing a tool shortly that will help you
create/restore a database on server without having to install BCM.




Hi Mike

Look like your using BCM V2 try updating to BCM V3, this is available with
Office 2007 Pro / Small Business edition and does provide the ability for
user to create an offline database - so that they can continue to access the
data when the computer on which the data resides it taken off the network

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