Excel Word and PDF files on a BCM 2010 shared database


Seamus Boden

My business partner and I share a new BCM database - we have one big issue with it. I can add a word, excel or PDF by clicking the add file icon in a customer contact and I can open and view these files.

My partner can see that these files exist but cannot open them. Similarly if my partner adds files, I can see them but not open them. Outlook items like Tasks or Calendar are not affected, we both have access to, and either one can edit these.

One of my functions is to price jobs using an Excel spreadsheet. My partner invoices the customers by email from Quickbooks which sends a PDF based invoice. The upshot is that my partner cannot see my pricing and I cannot see her invoice.

There are work-arounds like creating the file dragging it onto the desktop and then into the Notes window of the Contact, but this is time consuming and messy and I bought this software to streamline our processes.

Is there a proper fix? Is this some sort of firewall issue or is this a major hole in BCM? If so I would consider finding another package before I get in too deep.

Any help would be much appreciated


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