BCM 2010 Beta - Sharing issues



I cannot for the life of me get this database to Share. I have completely
removed and reinstalled BCM and SQL 2008 from both computers, deleted the SQL
Server directory from the program files (x86). I have installed Office 2010
beta 64 and BCM 2010 beta 64. The following message is persistant...

"The computer, NAME, does not contain any shared Business Contact Manager
databases. Please confirm that a shared Business Contact Manager database is
stored on the computer"

This is driving me insane but then I again I am used to these types of
problems with BCM. It is VERY hard to implement!



I ran into the same issue on one computer and I realilzed that on that
computer I had renamed the user. When you rename the user somewhere in the
background it still is stuck on the original name. I suppose this is a
security issue so that someone cannon simply rename the user of a computer
and get access to the BCM. I had to create a new user on the computer and
begin to use that. In so doing the username is consistent through out the
the Windows records. Once I did this and shared the BCM it worked perfectly.

One sub note is that for BCM to work properly each of the users must be
using a username and password on their Windows login. Use the exact same
username and password when setting up the share on the BCM.

Hope this helps.


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