BCM 2007 on Terminal Server


Joshua A. Booker

Hi there,

Does anyone have BCM 2007 running on a terminal server? I can't find any
updated licensing documnetation for Office 2007, but I understand Office
Enterprise is the only suite that will run on TS now. BCM is not listed as
a feature of Enterprise so now what?

Is MS again delliberately making BCM incompatable for certain sharing in
order to force small businesses to buy CRM? In my experience, if you give
them a taste of customer relationship management (BCM 2007), then they will
be hungry for more (CRM 3.0). Because BCM is upsizable to CRM it's a
natural starting point for small businesses, but if it can't be used because
of delliberate incompatability and licensing complexities, then MS looses a
lot of potential business.

Oh well...It's nothing new.



I do a lot of debugging for people by logging onto their machines via
TS/Remote Desktop. As long as BCM works on the machine directly, I've
never run into any limitation in a TS session. That's not to say there
isn't some Office package that imposes some limitation, but I've never
run into one. It would be interesting to know if there is such a

Joshua A. Booker

Thanks Luther.

I think there is a difference between using Remote Desktop to log into a Win
XP machine or a server in Remote Admin mode vs. one in terminal services
application mode.

From what I understand, MSO Enterprise is the only 2007 suite that will run
on Terminal Services. I haven't tried it yet, nor can I find any
comprehensive licensing docs from MS that describe the changes to Office
licensing with respect to TS.

Just wondering if anyone has experience with BCM 2007 on terminal server? Or
if anyone can point me to licensing info. re: MSO2007 on TS?


Just wondering


I have installed Office Enterprise on our Terminal server - you ar correct
that it does require a VLK version of Office to even install on Terminal

I was able to load BCM 2007 on the server as well but the issue is that
Outlook by default does not run in Cached mode on a terminal server and the
BCM software requires it.

SOOO Now I am on a hunt to override those settings in either BCM or in
Outlook 2007 to allow BCM to work.
- Steve

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