BCM on terminal server



Does anyone have experience with BCM 2007 in a terminal services
I have about 20 users that work with BCM locally and about 7 or 8 that
need to access the database when they are out on the road, I have
tried to use a VPN solution for these road worriers but the network
connections are to unreliable and they are getting frustrated. I am
looking to put BCM on a 2003 TS server to give them full access but
don't want to purchase the additional licenses unless it will work. I
have the database on a Microsoft SQL 2005 Express server and that part
of it is working fine.




We use BCM 2007 on our 2003 server, and we have 4 active directory
users who share the database which is deployed onto the server using
the BCM database tool. Our guys use the pocket pc application, and
also connect via HSDPA on their laptops via their phones on bluetooth
to log into the office vpn. this works fine, a little slow but all
users have an "offline" database on their laptops and phones which
only need to be updated when prompted so there is minimal lag.

If this method, which i assume is the same as yours, is too slow then
i dont think remote desktop would increase the speed any more to make
it worth your while buying licences.

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